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Waco Local 739
Curtis Reed


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The President Report for the Month of May


Dear sisters and brothers, as you are aware of management is becoming more aggressive in the way they discipline employees, and also some managers are becoming more aggressive in the way, they communicate with employees.

Management is attempting to take jobs away from the employees and give them to supervisors, and the union would like to inform the membership, we will do everything administratively that we can do, to ensure that bargain unit employees jobs stay with the bargain unit employee.

Management has informed the union, that they will be posting up some jobs in the very near future. The reason why management will be posting up these jobs, so that before anyone from outside the Waco facility can be accessed in, management must first ensure, that all the employees in the Waco facilities are assigned before accessing any one into to the Waco facility.

I would also like to stress, that anyone who is an unassigned regular, please bid, so that you would have a bid job, before any one outside the Waco facility, be access into the Waco facility.

I would also like to reiterate, that management is being very aggressive with discipline, they more likely now to clock an employee off the clock, then ever before. I would like to caution the membership, make sure, that you have a witness to any verbal conversation, that can result in disciplinary action by management, because both sides of the story needs to be told.

At no time do the union support any action of any steward or officer who acts as a witness for management. The role of any steward or office is to defend the employee in any stressful situation. The Union is not tell any steward or officer to lie about anything, but we are saying, that we do not want you to forget, what position in any grievance, or disciplinary action that you are suppose to be asserting, at all times.

One of my goals is to continue to educate the membership about their rights and benefits as I serve the membership for another two years. I will be dedicating a lot more time, to make sure the membership becomes more familiar with their rights during the next two years, because, I believe the membership is still not aware of most of their rights, and I also ask as part of the stewards and officers of this local join in and help me to inform the membership about their rights and benefits.

The editor will be putting out a paper soon, and in the paper, I believe that the membership, will find, that it contains very good information. I would like to reiterate, I want to focus on the membership.

If any member or officer that has any information, that they would like to see in the paper concerning up coming events, information, please contact your steward or any officer and inform them, so in turn they can inform, John, Bruce, Maria, and Curtis.

It is through your suggestions and ideas, that we can all learn from. The questions that you ask give the Union an opportunity to investigate what ever topic you want to know about, and in turn we can spread that same information with the entire membership.

Management is implementing the transformation plan, and Waco will finally feel the effects of it. I hope through education and information, that the union will be able to prepare the membership about our future.

I can not stress enough, that all members need the read the union boards, because it is becoming increasing difficult to inform all the membership on the work room floor, because of everybody work schedule, so please read the union boards, so that you can become more aware of what is going on.

At the next Union meeting the union will be asking that the membership vote on COPA, so that when we go to state convention, we will have something to contribute to COPA.

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