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Executive Board Resolves to Tackle Excessing and Attendance Issues

At its Sept. 17 meeting, the APWU National Executive Board resolved to provide " all the necessary resources" to address two major concrerns of employees on the work floor: excessing and attendance.
Citing a dramatic increase in excessing across the country, the board unanimously endorsed a resolution to fight excessing and downsizing.
"Postal workers are bering the brunt of management's cost-cutting plans, while the USPS gives money away to major mailers, "APWU President William Burrus said.
"We must find the ways to assist the locals and the state organizations that are confronted with excessing on a mass scale."
The board also vowed to do everything in its power to alleviate the rash of discpline and harassment caused by management 's Resource Management Database (RMD) attendance program.
"Under this program, harassment and intimidation have soared. "Burrus noted.
"RMD is designed to discourage employees from exercising their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act," he said, " and from taking time off for legitmate absences."