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Waco Local 739
Disability Retirement


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CSRS Retirement (Disability)
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The Criteria for Disability Retirement


It is the Union goal to educate the membership on their rights, so that they will know when management is violating them. It is the Union goal to help the membership to learn more about their benefits, so that they can become more aware of what those benefits are.

I will list some of the criteria that must be documented before an employee is eligible for disability retirement benefits.

A deficiency in service with respect to performance, attendance or conduct, or, in the absence of any actual service deficiency, a showing that the medical condition is incompatible with either useful service or retention in the position

A medical condition that is defined as a health impairment resulting from disease or injury, including psychiatric disease.

A relationship between the service deficiency and the medical condition such that the medical condition has caused the service deficiency.

The duration of the medical condition, both past and expected, and a showing that the condition, in all probability, will continue for at least 1 year from the date the application for disability retirement has been filed.

The inability of the employing agency to reasonably accommodate the employees medical condition, and the agencys consideration of the employee for reassignment to any vacant position within the employing agency and commuting area, at the same grade or pay level, for which the employee is qualified.

When giving medical information, the union request, that each employee make sure of the following things that must be included in the documentation: the medical basis for the imposition of medical restrictions must be clearly stated, and be such that they are consistent with generally accepted medical practice and that other physicians given the same medical finding would be likely to impose the same or similar restrictions.

Disability retirement may be based on an employees absence (s). However, a history of repeated or extensive absence (s) alone is not a basis for approval of disability retirement. The agency needs to state how the employees absence (s) affect accomplishment of its mission.

The disability retirement that I have just describe above only covers employee under CSRS. I also want it to be understood, these are just the basics, to give the membership some idea of what it will take to be eligible for disability retirement.

The Union also want the membership to understand and know, that disability retirement is a benefit provided to protect an employee who is no longer able to provide useful and efficient service in his or her current grade or pay level because of a medical condition.

The agency must assist any employee in filing an application with OPM.